Winterize your anti-aging regimen

Everybody knows that summer’s bright sun with its harsh UV rays can impact the aging process. But, few people stop to think about how winter factors into skin damage. Yet, by affecting the very protective top layer of our facial epidermis, cold weather also brings with it its very own dangers for accelerating skin aging. Look no further for Lancôme’s four ideal ways to confront the coming winter chills all the while maintaining a fresh and healthy-looking complexion.

Brisk-weather beauty
As a bodily envelope that’s in constant contact with the world, skin is the first thing to suffer the negative effects of what the climate can deliver -- no matter whether it’s summer with its hot sun and UV rays, or winter that brings with it a different type of temperature fluctuation as we frequently move from cold outdoor weather to warm heated interiors. Yet, as soon as outdoor temperatures dip below 10°C, dermal temperature sensors kick into high gear to slow down microcirculation, reduce circulation and affect the hydrolipidic film which covers the entire body. The result? Skin dehydration, the feeling that skin is being pulled tight and the occurrence of dry red skin and fine lines. Meanwhile, skin that suffers from poor nourishment from the inside becomes impacted by a decrease in nourishment from the outside, making it all the more prone to tenderness, soreness and the type of inflammation that can eventually speed the skin’s aged look.

Subtle daytime protection
Until now, rich, thickly textured and often stickily greasy creams have been the go-to for cold weather hydration. However, today’s technical advances in skin care have ushered in a new, lighter era in more fluid hydrating creams that are just as protective, just as concentrated and feature even more active ingredients than ever before. Think: oil-free serums, rich yet light lotions and blanket-soft creams that encase the body in a cloud of whisper-soft protection. All to strengthen the skin’s outer barrier and maintain its youthful appearance without overloading the skin or causing makeup to slip throughout the day. Consider it every city dweller’s dream!

Intensive night repair
Because daytime calls for skin protection, nighttime becomes the ideal time to feed the skin with everything it needs to repair, regenerate and heal. Recent advances in product formulation have meant that a range of overly thick and heavy creams have given way to a slew of highly sensual, melt-into-the skin balms that boast the power to both nourish the skin during sleep and deliver a powerful cocktail of active ingredients that leave skin looking plumper, healthier and ready to face the weather the very next morning.

The Lancôme Institute’s winter Absolue L’Extrait Treatment
To make the most of skin’s natural wintertime defence mechanisms, the Lancôme beauty institute has created a healing treatment that’s based around three facial massage techniques. The first envelopes winter-ravished skin; the second, a deeper and more precise massage, kick-starts the microcirculation that oftentimes slows in cold weather and the third relaunches and reenergizes tissue exchange, leaving skin more resistant to the weather, brighter, glowier, more dynamic and ready to ward off the winter’s negative effects.

Cold-weather creams
This winter season, turn to these five trusty treatments to keep your skin cells protected with light and airy appeal.

1/ Crème Mousse Confort
Soften, hydrate, pamper and cleanse from the get-go with this creamy cleanser which nourishes with luxurious rosehip oil, protects with rose essence and delivers a satin-smooth moisture barrier before you’ve even set foot out of the door.
2/ Tonique Confort
A sweet addition to any winter face care routine, this honey and sweet almond-infused toner moisturizes, hydrates and tones for a layer of smooth comfort. After all, why shouldn’t squeaky clean also mean satiny plump and smooth?
3/ Rénergie Lift-Multi Action Eye
Developed using space-age biological research in skin-aging, Rénergie Lift-Multi Action Eye delivers a plumping, hydrating and skin-smoothing elixir to dry and sensitive skin all the while deflating puffiness, reducing fine lines and nixing dark circles. Think of it as the perfect anti-aging choice for the winter season.
4/ Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 Day Cream
Think: 24-hour moisturizing meets SPF 30 protection within a nourishing vitamin E, CG and B5 formula. Grease-free and designed to leave skin feeling soft to the touch, with this power-packed day cream there’s no need to forgo antioxidant protection and environmental protection no matter the weather.
5/ Bienfait Multi-Vital Night Cream
Just as power-packed as its daytime sibling, this ultra-moisturizing night cream works to stimulate skin’s vitality and softness using Omega 3 and 6 minerals as well as vitamins E and CG. Wear at night for day-long benefits and skin that’s perfectly prepped for all the environmental harshness a winter day has to offer.

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Photo : Amit Israeli