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How did you get your start in the business?

A combination of Art school and my Grandfather's influence. He was an Art Professor and knew I wanted to paint every day. Makeup Artistry was a way to for me to paint every day on a three dimensional canvas. My Grandfather said, “How exciting… your canvas talks back!” I moved to Los Angeles early in my career to work with celebrities. They expect perfection, and I'm a perfectionist. I never went to school to learn makeup artistry, but rather learned from the many great makeup artists who were willing to share their knowledge with me. I continue to learn something new every day, otherwise I would probably find some other way to paint.

What is your creative influence?

It's how I was raised; I first expressed my creativity with my first box of crayons, and continue to do so with the makeup brushes I use today. I was taught early on to always try something new. This encourages creativity.

Who is your beauty icon?

My Mom and Audrey Hepburn. Read her tips on beauty sometime.

What works on every woman?

Contour and highlight. Why not take off the 10 pounds the “Camera” puts on? If celebrities can do it, so can we?

What is your best tip?

Don’t wear the same make up every day, no matter how easy it becomes. I can show you how to create different eye looks for nearly every day of the week!

Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer
Natural Yet Noticeable Lashes Mascara
Multi-Tasking Powder Foundation
  • Blending Shadow Brush # 17: It's ideal for blending, contouring and highlighting. I use this brush in the crease, on the cheek bone, even on the collar bone to darken, lighten and sculpt the face and body.
  • Le Crayon Kôhl Pencils in every shade: These non-waterproof liners can be used inside and outside of the eye. I use them as a cream shadow, and as a base with or without eye shadow. They stay put, blend easily and are long-wearing.
  • Effacernes Waterproof Concealer: I use this not only as an under-eye concealer and spot cover-up, but as a long-lasting waterproof eyeshadow base as well. They come in a variety of shades, so there's one to match any skin type.
  • Définicils Mascara: There’s simply nothing better.
  • Dual Finish Powder Foundation: It’s easy, fast and very versatile. I even use it as an eye shadow and bronzer.