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Welcoming to our esteemed list of Lancôme ambassadresses, we introduce our newest face, Taylor Hill. At the young age of 20, American model Taylor Hill has already participated in campaigns and runway shows for the most famous fashion houses. Not long ago, she joined the very private circle of “Angels” of a famous American lingerie brand, which instantly made her one of the best-loved young women of her generation.

A millennial icon who embodies a generation of energetic free spirits, Taylor has over 4.2 million followers across her social media channels. High engagement across Snapchat and Instagram demonstrates her followers’ active participation, in response to her authentic content. With an expressive gaze accentuating big blue eyes framed by bold brows, a candid yet ultra-sensual smile and an undeniably rock chic style, Taylor Hill exudes self-confidence, but never arrogance. From backstage at runway shows and the most acclaimed red carpets to the famous Coachella festival, Taylor Hill shares the most exciting moments of her life with fans all over the world.

A generational icon? Probably, but so much more. Above all, a liberated young woman, a source of positive energy. Cultivating happiness and inspiring women: what could be more Lancôme? Naturally, Taylor Hill found her place amongst the strong, inspiring women who have been writing the story of the brand from the very start.