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Lancôme has always been committed to providing clients with products of the highest quality and safety. It has just come to our attention that there have been concerns regarding the texture aspect of Absolue Precious Cells Silky Day Cream.

We have noticed that in a few cases, the formula is sensitive to sudden temperature changes or storage conditions, which may compromise the texture of the product. This is not compatible with our high quality standards and our customers’ expectations. Thus, we have removed this product immediately. Please rest assured that Lancôme Laboratories are already in the process of creating a new formulation that will exceed our high standards and our customers’ expectations.

In the meantime, we recommend you use Absolue Precious Cells Cream which has a rich, nurturing texture that will allow you to continue to see the results you love from your Silky Cream.


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Absolue Precious Cells Silky Day Cream